ENTER THE Royal Academy of Arts: Young Artists’ Summer Show

If you are interested in submitting work to the Royal Academy of Arts: Young Artists’ Summer Show, please send up to 3 of your pieces by April 24th to Miss Postlethwaite.

This is a great opportunity to get as creative as possible! You can create it using any materials and with any subject/narrative you would like. When complete email a clear photograph of your work to me, with information about each artwork such as a title, some text about the artwork and an image.

All of our students (year 7-11) are welcome to submit their art to this, even if you do not do GCSE art. You will however need to send me a copy of the permission slip below (just a photo of a hand written version with your parent/guardians signature on  will be fine if you do not have access to a printer).

Have fun and I can’t wait to see you master pieces! 🎨🖼👏

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