Principal's Welcome

A message from the Principal

As the principal of King’s Leadership Academy Liverpool, it is an honor to welcome you to our school’s website, I hope you find all the information you need right here.  At King’s leadership Academy our vision is:

 “To develop in each of our student the academic skills, intellectual habits, qualities of character and leadership traits necessary to succeed at all levels and become successful citizens in tomorrow’s world.”

At King’s we believe every child can succeed and that great teaching is the key to that success. This sentiment is reflected in our motto, ‘Credimus’, which translated from Latin literally means we believe.

At King’s it is our philosophy:

 That all students have the ability to reach their potential and it is the job of all who work at the academy to ensure this happens. We want our students, parents and supporters to share in this belief with us. Our curriculum is based firmly on traditional values, with a focus on outstanding learning. Our students have access to a wide variety of enrichment activities and extended school day to ensure that none fall behind. This can be achieved by appointing only the very best teachers and staff who are committed to serving the students and parents of this community.

We believe in fully supporting our students throughout their education. Our House system ensures that all children feel welcome and included as equal partners in the daily life of the academy.

We are a values-driven school. We believe in them and how they develop the character of our young people. We teach them explicitly and we aim to model these behaviours in all that we do as a school community.  Our values are:

  • Achievement & Aspiration
  • Self-Awareness
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Endeavour


We believe that developing character in young people is crucial. We teach it via our Aspire Values and we also teach Leadership as a discrete subject. In order to achieve this, we provide an extensive programme of visits to the country’s best Universities, a rich careers programme and cultural experiences for all of our pupils. Additional Leadership opportunities such as the Royal Airforce Cadets and The Duke of Edinburgh award are actively encouraged.


King’s is unique, it is a non-selective school with grammar school experiences and culture.  Our smaller class sizes and year groups afford us tremendous opportunities to truly nurture and develop the academic and creative talents in all our students.   At King’s we have adopted many of the practices which are common place in some of the top fee paying independent schools, however at King’s, these advantages are provided free.  All we ask in return from our students is dedication and an honest commitment to hard work. We provide for your children, our students high expectations coupled with a high level of support.

As Principal, I am privileged to be part of such a fabulous team of staff.  I welcome you to the Academy and hope that you find the information on this website informative when choosing a school to prepare your child for the future.

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