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King's Liverpool is unique; it is a non-selective school with ‘grammar school’ experiences and culture. Our smaller class sizes and year groups afford us tremendous opportunities to truly nurture and develop the academic and creative talents of all our students. We have adopted many of the practices which are commonplace in some of the top fee-paying independent schools, however, at King's, these advantages are provided for free.

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We are a non-selective state school serving children primarily across the Northwest of England.

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AspirationErin Noakes

In the future, I plan to use my value of having high aspirations to help my future students by encouraging them to set themselves goals. I want to help them achieve their goals and show them that they can aspire to be anything that they want to be. 
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Self AwarenessRuby Ungi

Self-awareness is to focus on what you are doing and how your actions can affect others. It is to be aware of your thoughts, actions and emotions. It is also to recognise your strengths and weaknesses; knowing what you are good at and what you struggle with will enable you to become a better person and excel in life.
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ProfessionalismFinn McCullough

Professionalism is how you compose yourself, it is a way you act in which people look up to you and think that you are a hard-working, sensible person. Professionalism is when you treat people with the respect they deserve and be a good leader. You may not realise how much being a person who displays professionalism actually helps everyone around you. 
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IntegrityEvangeline Clements

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RespectRenad Ibrahim

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EndeavourAvah Al-Geradi

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