Finn McCullough


Professionalism is how you compose yourself, it is a way you act in which people look up to you and think that you are a hard-working, sensible person. Professionalism is when you treat people with the respect they deserve and be a good leader. You may not realise how much being a person who displays professionalism actually helps everyone around you.  Professionalism includes many of the ASPIRE values within it, as you cannot act in a professional manner without self-awareness, integrity, endeavour and most importantly, respect. If you do not respect others then you are not being professional.  You will find that most people who display this important value are polite and think things through. If you display professionalism then you take your time and treat people in a way that you yourself wish to be treated.


There are many times in your life when you are required to display professionalism, these include, but are not limited to, going to a job interview as you will need to act in a professional manner to impress the interviewer.  In my life, I use professionalism every day I speak to people and teachers. I make an amazing first impression on people. If you speak politely and professionally every day then you will be noticed as a professional student.