Renad Ibrahim


The core value of Respect is an extremely important part of the values as it shapes the way young students treat themselves and others. Showing respect to others around you signifies that you value them for who they are and accept them no matter how different they may be from you. It is something that you give and earn from by showing kindness and compassion. I show respect in many different forms in school, for example by silently listening to someone when they speak or present their work or ideas and in the way that I speak and address others. I also use respect by simply acknowledging that we as human beings are all non-identical to one another in our different viewpoints and beliefs. 

In my own life as a female Muslim, I wear a hijab as it protects me and is part of my religion. Due to this, I am sometimes judged for my different looks and beliefs.  It can sometimes make me feel unaccepted for who I truly am. Yet in King’s, I am able to be myself without judgement and have been befriended by many who accept me as a person like themselves, who do not fear me and think of me as different. I believe that when I am shown respect, it makes me feel welcomed and accepted into society.