Avah Al-Geradi


Endeavour means trying your best and working as hard as you can. Endeavour can sometimes be as hard as climbing the tallest tree in the world but never giving up even when the task looks impossible to complete. You have to strive to achieve anything of significance.  All you have to do to show endeavour is to be brave, be bold and most importantly don’t give up. When you set your mind to a task and achieve it, that achievement will always mean more to you because of the endeavour you have displayed during the process.  

I have a passion for Musical Theatre and Performing Arts, when I perform I always try my best and give a 110% to everything. This is who I am and I do not let anyone stop me. I am really proud when I am complimented on my endeavour as I know that my efforts are recognised.  I love showing people what I am capable of.