Evangeline Clements


Integrity is to do the right thing even when nobody is watching.  I demonstrate integrity each day in school by following the school’s expectations regardless of whether a teacher is watching or not. I do this during line-ups at the start of the day; I do not need to be asked to stand in line correctly.

As you get older you may not always have adults telling you how to behave as you do as a child.  Sometimes the easiest thing to do may not always be the right thing to do so it is important that you hold yourself accountable. Integrity is a choice, and once you understand that you are in charge of that choice, it can help you when making decisions.  When I am older I wish to attend university.  I know that there will not always be a teacher to tell me to study or revise. I plan to use integrity to help me focus on my studies even when I may not want to. I know that this will help me find a well-paying and worthwhile job.