Erin Noakes


Aspiration – Erin Noakes Year 7

Aspiration is when you set yourself goals for the future. When you do this, it is setting an expectation that you desire to achieve whatever you set your mind to. You expect the best of yourself and for your future. I have a burning aspiration to become a History teacher; for this, I know I need to work hard now in school in order to reach my future goal. I do this by revising for all of my assessments no matter what the subject. Having been taught in an American school system and now a UK school system, it has taken me some getting used to but I have not let this stop me from expecting the best from myself. I set myself mini goals every Learning Cycle to achieve no less than 60% in all of my test results.

In the future, I plan to use my value of having high aspirations to help my future students by encouraging them to set themselves goals. I want to help them achieve their goals and show them that they can aspire to be anything that they want to be.  I would encourage everybody to use this value in their lives, it is through having high aspirations and working hard that people can gain whatever they want from their life.