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Our Academy in 2023


Our Academy in 2023

Here at King’s Leadership Academy Liverpool we pride ourselves on our high expectations of behaviour, attitudes and learning. In 2023 we are working harder than ever to develop best practise across the Academy and in doing so have introduced a number of new systems. These apply in classrooms, during transition between classrooms and whilst at break and lunch periods. Both students and staff have said how positively this is impacting our learning environment.

The key principles behind the new approach within the Academy include SLANT, SHAPE and STEPS all preceded by a new ‘style’ at King’s - WWF – warm, welcoming and friendly. Which encourages staff and students to consider their facial expression, tone of voice and body language when interacting with each other.

SLANT, SHAPE and STEPS are acronyms, which are explained below:

With SLANT we always: With SHAPE we: With STEPS we:
Sit up Full Sentence Answers Sir or Miss
Listen Hands away from your face Thank you
Ask and answer questions Articulate Excuse me
Never interrupt Project Please
Track the teachers Eye contact Style

Head of School, Mr Cordon was excited about the way this is supporting learning in the classrooms and encouraging our ASPIRE values. “In the last month I have had some of the best experiences of my career in education. Witnessing how our students have been able to quickly adapt to these new methods fills me with pride and I can already see the impact it is having with staff / student relationships, it’s great to be a part of this.

These 15 behaviours are showing our students how to be confident in their learning and with each other – they fit in well alongside our specialism of developing character through leadership”.

If any parents or carers would like to come and see these practices in place within the Academy, we would be delighted to welcome you to the school. To register your interest please email the school at: admin@kingsliverpool.com and we will set up a tour with our brilliant staff and students.

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