Spotlight on the King’s Liverpool Student Leadership Team

Our Student Leadership Team

At the Great Schools Trust we believe in providing our students with the skills and characteristics to be the leaders of the future.  For this reason, our student leadership team play an important role at King’s Liverpool representing the students at council meetings and bringing to the forefront pupils’ concerns and ideas.  Each member of the leadership team has a specific area of responsibility; community, rewards, sports, academics. 

Head boy and head girl represent the academy at any opportunity and event that is needed.  They also meet with Mr O’Hagan once a learning cycle to discuss the matters raised in student council meetings.

The whole student leadership team have duties around the school including leading lines, monitoring break and lunchtime and running the library.  Most importantly, they are excellent role models to other pupils.

Being part of the student leadership team offers the students opportunities to develop skills that will help them achieve success in the future.  Here are the current student leadership team talking about what their roles mean to them:

Our Head Girl Sojood
Our Head Boy Shad
Janyah from our Student Leadership Team
Kabir from our Student Leadership Team

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