The Class of 2021 A shining example of success at King's Liverpool


King’s Leadership Academy Liverpool’s class of 2021 have shown that drive and determination can bring success.  

When Sojoud Ahmed joined in Year 9 she had to quickly adjust to life not only in a new school but a new country as well. Having recently arrived with her family in Liverpool from Egypt, her approach to life meant she quickly settled into the school community, making great friends among her classmates and even receiving the honour in Year 11 of being appointed Head Girl.  

A positive attitude to everything at the school also helped to bring Sojoud academic success. She achieved grade 8 and 9s in her GCSEs which has enabled her to go on to study biology, chemistry and history A levels at Belvedere sixth form with the aim of pursuing her ambition to study medicine at university. 

Another student determined to make the best of the opportunities offered by King’s was Janyah Kataria. Janyah joined the school in Year 11 having moved from India at a relatively late stage in her secondary education.  

Rather than being daunted she threw herself in to school life which saw her succeed not only in her application to become Deputy Head Girl but achieve GSCE grade 7 and 8s to be able to go on to Belvedere to study A level maths, further maths and chemistry.  

Kabir Tasud was always focussed on academic success as it is his dream to study medicine. Taking full advantage of the learning opportunities and support available at King’s, Kabir achieved grade 8 GSCEs in biology, chemistry, history, maths and physics. It means he is now studying biology, chemistry and maths A levels at Liverpool College as he moves towards fulfilling his dream at university. He also embraced wider life at the school and was appointed as Deputy Head Boy in his final year.    

Making a real impression during his time at King’s was Soham Choudhary where he became Deputy Head Boy. Soham joined in Year 8 and worked hard to achieve GCSE grade 7 and 8s which means he is now at Liverpool College studying A levels in maths, further maths and physics. While he is yet to decide what direction he will take for his ultimate career he has good options to help him plan his future.  

The Class of 2021’s Head Boy Shad Muhammad has a real love for mathematics and gained a GCSE grade 9 in maths alongside grade 7, 8s covering Spanish, biology, chemistry and physics. He is now at St Hilda’s sixth form studying maths, further maths and physics. During his time at King’s, Shad contributed a great deal to the school and is a true role model for others to follow.  

Mark O’Hagan, Principal at King’s Liverpool, adds:

“Sojoud, Janyah, Kabir, Soham and Shad show students what can be achieved with a positive attitude, ambition, determination and hard work. I am sure that the skills and knowledge they gained while here with us at King’s has prepared them well in whatever career path they follow. We are proud to have been able to teach them and they go with our best hopes and wishes for the future.”